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Pakistan order US Envoy To dispute Trump’s Osama comments

Donald Trump’s remarks during the last couple of days have pissed-off Pakistans, like PM Imran Khan, who on Monday told off Trump Twitter by telling him that a couple of allies have sacrificed or even assisted the USA just as much as Pakistan in the conflict on terrorism.

Pakistan on Tuesday asked the U.S. to impose d’Affaires in Islamabad to criticize the critiques expressed by President Donald Trump who might have criticized Pakistan’s function in battling terrorism along with the struggle to capture Osama bin Laden.

Trump’s remarks over the past couple of days have not only angered Pakistan, but they also have as well  the Pakistan PM Imran Khan, who on Monday told off Trump on Twitter that a couple of allies have sacrificed or perhaps made it easier for the Usa to the extent that Pakistan in the conflict on terror.

The friction threatens to even more aggravate now delicate relations between Islamabad as well as Washington, on-off allies that have regularly clashed regarding the conflict in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan’s stated back-up for terrorists.

“The Overseas Secretary called in the U.S. CdA Ambassador Paul Jones to sign up a robust criticizes on the unnecessary as well as unsubstantiated allegations produced against Pakistan,” Pakistan’s International Ministry stated in a press release.

Over a couple of days, Trump stated in a meeting that Pakistan was unable to “do a damn thing” for the USA regardless of billions of USD in the U.S. assisted them. He indicated Pakistani officers, understood ex-al Qaeda chief bin Laden’s whereabouts before his assassination by U.S. troops in a raid inside Pakistan in 2011.

On Monday, Trump wrote on his Twitter once again as well as made similar remarks on Pakistan.

“Rejecting the insinuations regarding Osama Bin Ladin, Foreign Secretary to the state reminded the US CIA that it was the Pakistan intelligence that assisted in point out on the whereabouts of Osama Bin Ladin,” more so, the ministry stated, the “unsubstantiated rhetoric regarding Pakistan was outright nonsense as well as unacceptable.” The information on this matter is yet to be concluded