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Teens Steal Plane And Take It For Joyride From Utah Airstrip Says Police

According to recent reports, police said that In an unusual way of cases handled by police officers day in day out, two teenage boys aged 14 years and 15 years in the rural area of Utah managed to steal a small airplane on Thursday which was packed outside and airstrip and flew the airplane at low heights for a distance of 15 miles shortly after being arrested by local police.

According to reports, The two teenagers, allegedly took a tractor first and drove the tractor straight to a private airstrip after which the two took off from the airstrip with a fixed wing, with a single engine sports airplane.

According to the Witnesses who were around the airstrip told the police that the two were spotted in the flying plane which was very low near to the ground which flew along U.S. Route 40.

The teens, according to police reports where aged 14 years and 15 years, according to the police reports, the two teens just left a group of home located in Wasatch Front in the northern part of the countryside this week and from the home the two were living with their friends in Jensen, this entire information was provided by a news release in accordance to a posted on Facebook by Sheriff’s Office in Uintah County.

According to reports from the police, The two teens initially had planned to take the airplane and fly the plane for a while and then take it back to the Wasatch Front, whatsoever after taking the airplane,  the two agreed and  changed the course as planned and instead of flying the plane is they intended, they flew the plan to Vernal Regional Airport, immediately after arriving at the airstrip, the two teens where caught and then arrested, according to Deseret News reporters, the two are currently detained and are being held together in the Split Mountain Youth Detention Center in Vernal.

According to the police, the two will be taken to court for case hearing over this case. Nevertheless, everything else has resumed to normal.