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US urges allies to withdraw from Huawei equipment

According to trending exclusive reports, the US is currently urging all of its allies to drop Huawei equipment. In accordance to this, the US has spoken to most of its allies and urged them to stop using telecommunication equipment manufactured by Huawei since this product originate from China and as far as security issues is concerned, the China company Huawei poses a great security threats on this countries through the telecommunication systems.

Citing sources from The Wall street Journal, the source which are most familiar with the matter and the discussing which transpired between the US and its allies. The sources said that currently US is banning all Huawei equipment from the American military base. This ban also includes all the internet and wireless network connection which the base share with Huawei servers.

According to the US military, the military opt to secure a most sensitive server purposely for communication and as far as their tariffs are concerned, then the US military connection and tariffs goes to countries like Germany, Japan and Italy over commercial networks. From the reports, the US officials are currently meeting with all the government representatives from other countries in accordance to Huawei equipment and more so together with other telecom executive officials.

As far as the US is concerned, Huawei equipment have chances of increasing risks of cyber-attacks which according to the US would allow China to confiscate on communication and spy on the US and its allies or even be able to disconnect the fast flowing internet connection in the US. A US official argue as he gave his statement shortly before the meeting commenced.

In a statement in the journal which was given by an anonymous US official indicated that at the moment the US is currently engaging the countries all over the world regarding the security and cyber threats which is currently affecting major countries through telecommunication.

As the country looks in moving ahead to 5G, then it safe to be aware of the complexity of the 5G and hence know ways of tackling with the increasing vulnerability to the cyber-attacks.